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Reason #2: Many Set Options

Boudoir photography is meant to be intimate, special and unique. Here at Sugar and Spice we really do value your ideas and preferences. Because of this, we have over 20 sets beautifully designed in our studio. This gives you the ability to create truly unique photos that match your personality.

We'd like to highlight one of our most popular sets in the studio, the "Naturally Simple" room. This set features large windows that allow natural light in your photos. This room is classy, bright and simply beautiful. The canopy bed fills up most of the room creating a Victoria's Secret feel. Next to the bed the closets, couch and window are placed delicately for silhouette photographs. Silhouettes are darker and focus more on the shape and curves of your body.

Moving through the studio you can find sets that are more on the flirty side. You could cozy up in a cardigan in the cute, white girl next door's bed or be surrounded by aesthetic plants and twinkle lights in the newer Bohemian set. Other popular options that pulls out your playful side would be the Kitchen, where lots of frosting and sprinkles are used, or maybe the Locker Room set where you could model your guy's favorite sport's team.

Naturally moving from elegant to flirty we reach the more edgy sets of the studio as well. The Grunge room, one of our absolute favorites, features weathered bricks on the wall, a bed covered in neutral colored furs and a rustic edge. The Red Room, on the other hand, is focused on your best features in a sexy bed covered in silky red sheets. There is also the option of the Garage/ Elevator rooms where we can go all-out-sexy with high boots and fish nets. In these sets we can customize the color of lights behind you to really "set the mood".

We haven't even began to scrape the surface of what new sets we could create on our backdrops plus all the other amazing existing sets. We also like mention that these sets are very carefully put together. There aren't just blankets laid out on the floor to give the illusion of beds. These sets could be actual spaces in your home with the goal being that you feel completely comfortable during the photo shoot.

Anything is possible in the studio and you are welcomed to ask about specific ideas when they come to you! We are always excited to hear new set, photo or theme ideas. You can bring in your own things that we can incorporate into our sets or we can create a set that works with what you brought as well.

Browse through the photos below to view some of our sets!


Love <3

The Sugar and Spice Girls

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