Proofing Info

How long does it take to get my proofs?

Shortly after your shoot (usually within 1-2 weeks), we'll email you a link for your private online portfolio. We know the short wait to see your portfolio is worth it, so you can view your proofs in the privacy of your own home without any pressure! There is no charge for your online portfolio, but if you prefer, you can set up an appointment to view your proofs in our studio for a small fee. You will LOVE going through your proofs, but we warn you: choosing your favorites is the hardest part!

How long will be my online portfolio be online?

Due to online storage limitations, your portfolio will be live on our proofing site for 2 weeks. We keep the photographs indefinitely, so if you’d like to see your proofs online in the future, we will reactivate your online portfolio for a small fee. (With mini shoot activations or portfolio re-activations, your portfolio will be live on our proofing site for 1 week).

Will my proofs be retouched?

The retouching that we do on any image you order takes up to an hour, so proof images are NOT retouched (other than some minor skin smoothing, color correction, cropping & tonal changes, etc.). We hope you won't pass by a a photo because you can't imagine the finished product! If we don’t think we can achieve the BEST possible end result, we don't include the picture in your proofs - so you can rest assured that the pictures you choose (even if the proof shows some imperfections) will look absolutely AMAZING!
Please overlook the obvious fixes such as: cropping, color correction, blurring out backgrounds, getting rid of an object - switch plate, cord, whatever...these are ALL things that are automatically fixed with each picture you choose to order.

My portfolio expired. How can I see my pictures again?

We are happy to reactivate your online portfolio for you! Since it does require a bit of time, we are happy to do this for a small fee. You will have a one week viewing period, so click HERE when you are ready for us to get it back online!

Can I view my pictures with someone in the studio?

If you want to view your proofs on a larger screen or want input from us, we offer viewing appointments at a rate of $100 per 1/2 hour. If you need to place an immediate rush order at the time of your shoot, you can set up an viewing appointment, if time permits; you can choose to designate part of your session time to viewing your proofs, or you can let our team choose for you.

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