Friends & Guests

Can I book a session with a friend?

We’d love to book you and your friend at the same time...the energy of sessions like this is just unmatched! It is so fun to experience this together & help each other choose outfits and chat during hair & makeup time. Feel free to bring snacks and a bottle of wine & enjoy a great "girl's day"! If you’d like individual sessions, but would like to come to the studio together...this is a perfect option!
If you schedule your session with a friend, be aware that you need to plan to be in the studio for the full time for your shoot AND the full time for their shoot. You MAY have waiting time while they other person is getting their hair & makeup done and during their time behind the camera. Although coming with a friend is extremely fun and highly recommended, please make sure you plan for the extra time and anticipate the wait times. Most women take this time to chat, try on outfits, read magazines or just relax. When scheduling your session online, reserve the same date & time and note your friend's name in the "Notes" box, so we know that you’d like to come together. Or contact us and we’ll set it up for you!

Do you do bachelorette parties or party shoots?

YES! Looking for something DIFFERENT and FUN to do for the ultimate girl's day? A photo shoot party at our studio is the perfect choice! Bring drinks & snacks to enjoy while you spend time together getting glammed up and choosing outfits. Everyone will have an amazing time taking their BEST photographs EVER - some group shots, some single shots...sky’s the limit! Then, if you want to “hit the town” afterwards, you’ll be all dolled up! For groups of 4 or more, we offer special discounts on regular sessions or can customize packages to work within any budget! Contact us for more information.

Can I bring a guest (a friend, husband or child)?

This day is all about YOU - and we want ALL the focus to be just on you for your session. We aren't able to accommodate guests or friends at your session for liability & space purposes...so enjoy your time with us and have fun! Friends, husbands, boyfriends, and children are welcome in the studio ONLY as participants in a Portrait session. Contact us for details.

What about group shots (photographs with more than one person)?

Photographs with more than one person, whether same sex or opposite sex, are limited to Portrait style photography only, and regular clothing must be worn.