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11221 River Road NE, Hanover, Minnesota 55341

Click HERE for a Google Maps link.

Our studio occupies the entire building.


Parking is EASY! 

There is free parking all around the studio. 


Just pull into our driveway & park in front of the garage doors...or park in one of the four marked spots to the right out front.


Simply head to the building's entrance & ring the doorbell on the studio's entrance door. 

If you arrive early and no one answers right away...don't worry!  We may not have arrived to the studio yet or may be still out on our break in-between shoots.

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The City of Hanover is located on the western edge of the Twin Cities metropolitan area..just a few miles west of Maple Grove.

The North Crow River flows right through the Downtown River District, providing Hanover with an environment that sets this community apart.  Take a stroll over the historic River Bridge, and grab a bite at the famous River Inn or the new, fabulous Big Bore Barbecue restaurant. 

We are proud to be a part of this amazing community!  Explore more HERE.

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