Retouching & Ordering Info

How do I place an order?

You can check out our product details, pricing & place your order by visiting our online store HERE. Or contact us, and we will be glad to help you with placing your order or answer questions about the status of your order.

Product Order Terms & Conditions

Includes our policies and information on Ordering Timelines, Product Design & Retouching Policies. Click HERE to view.

My portfolio expired. How can I see my pictures again?

We are happy to reactivate your online portfolio for you! Since it does require a bit of time, we are happy to do this for a small fee. You will have a one week viewing period, so click HERE when you are ready for us to get it back online!

How long will be my online portfolio be online?

Due to online storage limitations, your portfolio will be live on our proofing site for 2 weeks. We keep the photographs indefinitely, so if you’d like to see your proofs online in the future, we will reactivate your online portfolio for a small fee. (With mini shoot activations or portfolio re-activations, your portfolio will be live on our proofing site for 1 week).

Oh, no! I left something at the studio! Can you send it to me?

If you leave any personal items at our studio, please notify us immediately. We are happy to hold items for pick up or ship to you. (In some cases, shipping costs must be pre-paid). Items not claimed or picked up after 2 weeks will added to our inventory or donated.

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